04 March 2010

Degree NAAB'd?

It looks like the pages of a giant high school yearbook have been ripped out and pasted over the glass surrounding the galleries at school.  I assumed the overly posed black-and-white wrapping was part of a fine art project until I realized the National Architectural Accrediting Board, the organization that regulates all architecture schools in the country, was visiting this week.
             In something like a tax audit, every three to six years, the board visits the school and does a detail review of all the curriculum, faculty, and student work and confirms whether the school is adequately educating its students to enter the architecture profession.  Behind one glass wall covered in smiling students and building models was the NAAB temporary office, and the other, the lower gallery, was the student work for review. 
                Being one of the most established architecture schools in the country, the review should be a formality--A pat on the back and a few suggestions for improvement.  But there have been some rumors surrounding the review--one being the difficult search through the student work to find a floor plan that included toilets and handrails.
Their findings will be announced on Friday at a school wide closing reception.  Hopefully our faces will still be smiling. 

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